For years, our Families in Crisis Conferences have been held at Heartlight in Longview, Texas.  Now, with user friendly technology and everyone’s familiarity with ZOOM, we’re bringing this event to your home.  And you get to participate at a fraction of the cost.  Our next event is February 18th – 20th and will bring 6 hours of parenting wisdom from Mark Gregston, the host of the Parenting Today’s Teen’s Radio program that is heard on over 1,700 outlets nationwide.

This Zoom conference is for any parent or grandparent who might be having difficulty with their teen and feel like things might spin “out of control” if you don’t get help.  Mark’s wit and wisdom will be shared in an easy style that will reflect his 45 years of experience of working with teens and their families.

He’s also the founder of Heartlight, a residential counseling center for struggling teens, and has been a “home away from home” for over 3,000 teens.

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Our next event is February 18th - 20th, 2021! 

(All times are CDT) 

We’ll send each household a copy of Mark’s workbook, Developing Rules and Consequences. While this event may not be as personal as face-to-face conversations on the beautiful campus of Heartlight, you will receive some new tools to add to your parenting toolbox. 

This Zoom event costs $120 a couple. Typically, these events held on the Heartlight campus in Longview, Texas cost air flights, hotel, rental car and a couple of days of travel. These “on site” conferences probably cost each family $1,500 to $2,000. Now, you can take advantage of this event online in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the normal cost. 

Mark Gregston

This small investment of time in the conference can provide a plan of dealing with the harder issues of parenting a teen that might just usher in a new sense of hope.  We hope you’ll join us online for this life changing Zoom conference. 

“While the world is shutting down, we’re figuring out new ways to bring to you the wisdom gained through the years of Mark’s experience in working with teens, coupled with a very practical sense of hope that your teens will one day thank you for. 

We look forward to spending time with you  

February 18th - 20th, 2021!